The Company Welfare is a set of initiatives promoted by the company aimed at improving the quality of life of the  employees.

• Work-Life Balance with smart-working, flexible hours, organization of free Grest during the school holidays (summer and winter);

• An Ethical Hours Bank, established to allow employees in need to take advantage of extra permits;

• Gym classes in the Company and free use of e-bikes;

• Free mammographic screening and organization of meetings with psychologists and nutritionists;

• Promotion of education and culture thanks to a library of over 700 volumes, cultural visits and events organised inside the Company;

• Sharing of the profits;


The year 2022 was particularly important to seal our close relationship with the territory in which we work: in fact, the first "Community Pact" was signed; it is a new form of cooperation which we are committed with other eleven public and private entities, religious bodies, municipalities and associations in the area.

The idea was born to promote redevelopment and social, cultural and economic renewal and to promote the inclusion of all the people living in the community “Polo Primo Maggio”, the neighborhood where we have our working site. 

The Pact saw the creation of a free sewing and mending workshop and a computer literacy course especially dedicated to over 65 and foreigners; sport has been identified as an important means of inclusion of people of different ages, cultures and contexts. 55 children have been joining a football school whose coaches are volunteers of our company.


Training has always been subject of strong attention by the company.

The idea of Lifelong Learning (continuing education) is one of the ways through which Omb, with its collaborators, succeeds in being competitive in the market with the changes which it continuously requires.  

After an experimental project shared with the University of Milan, OMB launched in 2019 an Academy project inspired by the concept of continuous training: the combination of adaptation and innovation necessary to ensure a shared and widespread resilience in the different business branches.