To meet the growing demand of the Automotive market to be able to have products with increasingly rapid delivery times, OMB Saleri wanted to expand a fundamental activity, that relating to testing and in particular the functional testing and sealing of CNG Automotive components. The need to expand this department also derives from the fact that OMB Saleri in recent years has invested significantly in the research and development of new, more complex and high-performance products and new solutions to propose to the automotive market and these elements of innovation have always need to be tested, proven and approved.

To meet the project objectives, 2 testing machines and functional equipment were acquired to reduce verification and testing times, responding effectively and efficiently to the needs of the end customer.

Specifically, the investments were as follows:

  • Water test bench;
  • Helium Testing Machine;
  • Laser Marking Center;
  • 3D printer;
  • Screwing station machine

The investment has a total amount of €1,007,900.00 and the relief granted is €150,000 non-repayable and guarantee on an ordinary loan of €850,000 for a value equal to €595,000.


These investments have brought the following improvements in the testing and finishing process:

  • Greater flexibility;
  • Increase in productivity;
  • Greater efficiency of product testing;
  • Greater control over product quality;