Reclamation, expansion and innovation project with a view to “Industry 4.0”


With a view to increasing productivity, OMB Saleri spa SB has started a series of investments starting from May 2019 aimed at:

  • Creation of new production process;
  • Strengthening of the existing production process;

More specifically, by creating a new 5,720 m2 energy class A warehouse with which it was possible to:

  • expand the Clean Room for the assembly and testing of H2 products that require constantly controlled environmental conditions, a very large space of approximately 700 m2.
  • Expansion and strengthening of the Gray Room dedicated to assembly and testing with the purchase of new machinery for the automation of the various testing and finishing phases
  • Creation of an entire department dedicated to turning for the production of components previously purchased externally
  • Purchase of vertical warehouses in order to streamline the tool management process of the machining centres;
  • It allowed the expansion in the old building of departments that were previously necessarily small in size, through the purchase of new work centers.
  • Change of the management system in order to be able to monitor production in real time with a view to industry 4.0
  • Strengthening of the Mechanics and Laboratory department aimed at the production of samples and subsequent tests

The tender contributed to the realization of the project and the expected strengthening/improvement of the production process necessary to satisfy the demand for its products.

The benefit received is an interest contribution of €162,264.60 against a total loan of €2,160,000.”